Cultural shift to healthier miners

WFR features in The Kalgoorlie Miner news


Worksite Fitness and Rehabilitation (WFR) has featured in a Goldfields newspaper The Kalgoorlie Miner, to provide insight into why health and fitness programs are taking off in the mining industry.

WFR managing director, Steve Gauci, commented to the paper that a shift is being experienced across the mining sector...away from pub crawling FIFO workers, to those who are more focused on their fitness and health.  Companies can see the productivity benefits of providing healthier workplaces.

"The mining industry as a collective has made decisions about needing to be safer and healthier," he said. "Safety is linked to being ‘Fit For Work’, and there has been a culture shift from our clients with mining companies saying, 'we need healthy and fit people' and WFR provides them the chance to do that.”

WFR employs 30 Exercise Physiologists around Australia, including several who operate on a fly-in, fly-out basis to the Northern Goldfields. These include four Barrick Gold sites - Granny Smith, Darlot, Lawlers and Plutonic.  With over 15 years' experience in delivering health and wellness programs to the mining industry, WFR has evolved under the motto: healthy people plus healthy programs equals healthy business, and they have seen more and more companies coming in line with this way of operating. 

"On FIFO sites over the past 10 years the mining industry has accepted they have a role to play in looking after their staff" Steve said. “They need to feed them well, give them recreational facilities, and offer health opportunities.  A lot of the work we're doing these days is also based around injury prevention, such as manual handling training, and preventing back injuries, shoulder injuries and knee injuries from occurring.”

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