Meet Chris Kelly

WFR's Operations Manager


Each newsletter, we will be profiling one of our staff members to allow you to get to know our team a little better.  First staff member to be profiled is Chris Kelly, WFR’s Operations Manager. 
Chris joined the team as a project officer in 2002, with worksite placements in the Northern Territory and the greater West Australian region. He then progressed to a consultancy role, which included travelling to a number of locations nationwide to deliver the Healthy Lifestyle Program (HLP). He took on the role of Project Coordinator in 2008, which led to him coordinating multiple projects within the business and providing direction to less experienced staff members.  In 2013, Chris’ hard work saw him promoted to the Operations Manager role, which has seen him take responsibility of the operations side of the business.

We sat down with Chris and asked him the following questions:
1. How would your co-workers describe you? Structured, organised, supportive, dry sense of humour.
2. What is your favourite part of your job? Helping WFR achieve success and challenging myself in new situations / roles. 
3. What is the most embarrassing moment you had during your job with WFR? Showering in the female showers at a new mine site (there were no male / female signs !!).
4. Who or what inspires you? My family (Wife and 2 kids)
5. Your favourite food?  Garlic Prawns
6. If you were stranded in deserted island what 3 things would you take? Fishing rod, radio, hat.
7. What is your biggest fear? Ill health.
8. Favourite celebrity  and why?  Michael Jordan, Best basketball player of all time.
9. Any secret talents ?  Basketball – Played 168 games in the State Basketball League (SBL) and was a member of the 1998 SBL All-star Team.  
10.   Use one word to describe yourself?  Conservative.