Race Around...

Ready, Set, Race...to a healthier you!


Race Around... a WFR health challenge that promotes cardiovascular fitness, health and wellness for the workgroup.

Over the years WFR have ‘raced around’ Australia, Europe, Africa, Russia, the UK, South America, WA, and North America!

How does the race work?
Over a 6 week period, every minute spent exercising equates to an amount of race miles on the map. Participants log their exercise daily, then submit their race miles on-line weekly.  Teams can track their teams results, their position around the continent, and also compete against their colleagues.

Registrations will close on the 1st June.  The Race starts June 13th.

How do I register my team?
There are 3 parts of the process to create a team on line:
  1. All 4 team members go online to Log In (previous event participants) or new participants Sign Up to the WFR website.
  2. Team captains will then go online and create a team.
  3. All members accept the team invite and receive the race pack.

Please see the How to Register document for more detailed instructions on registering your team.  Once the event has started, you can also view the FAQ document for further information about event rules, logging your race miles on-line, or website problems.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at events@worksite.com.au


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