New Product! Stretch Card Lanyards

Visual prompts and cues designed to help Stretch Leaders conduct a Warm Up 4 Work Session


     Did you know that "dynamic flexibility increases core temperature, elongates the muscles, stimulates the nervous system, and helps decrease the chance of injury?”
FREDERICK, G. Strength and conditioning Journal, 23.

WFR’s workplace stretching program Warm Up 4 Work educates and motivates the workforce to undertake a daily routine of workplace stretching, thus benefiting from physical and mental conditioning.  And our Stretch Leaders Program assists in the uptake and delivery of stretching sessions on a routine basis.

WFR has just released a new product designed to assist Stretch Leaders in running an effective injury prevention stretch session.  Our Stretch Card Lanyards are a simple and powerful tool providing visual prompts and cues designed to help facilitate a warm up session.

Each Stretch Card Lanyard sits comfortably around the leaders neck and are within easy reach following each stretch.  The cards contain instructions on how to safely and effectively run a stretch session, information on the benefits of a work conditioning program, and 3 sets of stretch sessions with specific instructions for delivery.

Stretch Leaders can feel comfortable in running a stretch session, and empowered in facilitating a workplace more focused on the prevention of injuries in the workplace.

For more information on WFR's new Stretch Card Lanyards, or our Injury Prevention Programs, please contact us.