Tour de Fitness

Join WFRs upcoming health challenge!


Paris, Nice, Versailles…. now that you are day dreaming of France, why don’t you join WFR in celebrating the Tour De France event  ( with our latest health and fitness challenge...Tour de Fitness!

In this event, teams of four are encouraged to get together and increase the amount of walking, running or cycling they do over a 6 week period.  Every minute of exercise completed is converted into race kilometres that you can log online.  You compete against your colleagues to see who can complete the most race kilometres.

In last year's Tour de Fitness health challenge…we had over 300 participants from 10 different companies competing.  Last year’s winning team "No Performance Enhancers" from Newmont Australia achieved over 5000 race kilometres.  Participants said they found that the competition around the company helped them to fit in a little bit more exercise each week!

The event commences June 9th.  If you or your company would like to be involved, please contact us for more information on 1300 WFR 777 or