3 new team members at WFR

Get to know them here!



We’re excited to welcome 3 new faces to the WFR team:

Alicia Antonovsky

Alicia is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and has been diversifying her knowledge base after graduating in 2016. She has been predominantly working in Workers’ Compensation case management and Occupational Health and Safety Training, as well as 6 years working in a gym in Fremantle. Alicia has a new-found passion for Winter sports after spending 3 months in the North American Rockies.  

Tamsin Hearne

Tamsin has been working as a clinical Ex Phys for the past couple of years, providing exercise-based rehab programs to clients with a range of different conditions. She has joined the WFR team to work at our Ramelius Resources site, Edna May in Westonia, WA. She will be delivering services across both Injury Prevention and Health and Wellness, with the site having a strong focus on injury management. 

Katelyn Earl

Katelyn graduated from the University of Notre Dame in 2017 with a Graduate Diploma of Clinical Exercise Physiology. She has been running her own Personal Training business for the past year and a half and loves helping clients and friends achieve any goal they are aiming for. The clients Katelyn train range from Mixed Martial Art (MMA) and Brazilian jiu jitsu athletes wanting to improve their performance, rehabilitation clients for shoulder and knee injuries, and helping clients lose weight. In her spare time, Katelyn loves long distance running and netball.