Get ready to Race!



Race Around… a health challenge that increases the fitness and health of a workgroup, and engages employees in healthy competition...boosting morale and promoting a healthy work culture.

In the Race Around… teams of four are encouraged to increase their physical activity over a 6-week period by undertaking a broad variety of exercise options.  Each minute of exercise is converted into a number of race kilometres, that are logged online and tracked around the course. The team with the most race kilometres at the end of the event wins!

In our last Race Around... event, participants increased the kilometres logged online by 8% after the 6-week event, which equates to an additional 20 minutes of exercise per day.


Each registered participant will receive weekly fitness and exercise tips, Race merchandise, Race updates, and an exercise log book.  

Over the years, thousands of people located all around the country have participated in WFR's Race Around... event.  Our health challenges have taken participants to a range of virtual locations all across Australia, Europe, Africa, North America, South America, Russia, and the UK.

Does your workplace need a boost?

Our next Race starts in June, contact us ASAP to register your interest.