Ready for Flu season?

Vaccinate, hibernate, or boost your immune system...


The only way to catch a cold or flu is from other people!

Viruses are spread by tiny droplets in the air (such as from a cough or sneeze) or from direct contact like handshaking or touching shared furniture.  People can spread the virus from a day or two before they have symptoms and up to four days after the symptoms start.

The good news is that there are many ways to prevent getting sick this season…vaccinate, hibernate, or boost your immune system!

Despite myths about vaccines making your sicker, a flu vaccine actually teaches your immune system to recognize a virus as a threat. While some people may still get the flu after having a flu shot, they'll probably have a milder form, as antibodies made in response to the vaccine still provide protection.

Do you need to protect your workplace?  WFR’s immunisation program package includes:

As well as vaccinations, it is also important to promote a healthy and germ free workplace.  WFR’s “Boosting the Immune System” health presentation package covers lifestyle factors that depress our immune system, ways to minimise germs, and how boost your immunity naturally.

For more information on our immunisation program or health package, please contact us.