Zero to hero for a great cause

Kristy's ride to conquer cancer



In October 2018, WFR’s own Exercise Physiologist, Kristy Wakefield will be all pedal and spoke as she participates in the massive 200km challenge - the 2018 MACA ‘Ride to Conquer Cancer’. Inspired by her Mum, who was diagnosed last year with cancer of the small bowel.

The event raises money in support of cancer research, to acquire new equipment and facilities, and retain experts to lead vital work conducted at the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research.

Kristy admits that her Mum’s diagnosis changed their lives. “Thankfully Mum is a fighter and is doing well. However, the pain and suffering that was endured, and the toll on my family over the past year has made me a really passionate advocate for any form of cancer foundation/research/ rehabilitation programs that provide vital funding and support for those in need, and to hopefully one day find a cure for cancer.”

Zero to hero!

Despite never been on a road bike before, Kristy signed up as soon as she heard of the 200km ride and started her mission to raise $5,000.  A month after signing up, it was time to get her first road bike ‘Black Beauty ‘and the reality of learning to ride said bike (with cycle shoes and pedal cleats) set in. “It scared the hell out of me” she confessed.

The next road barrier was juggling training and the random FIFO roster. “Trying to get into a routine and find the time to get out on my bike is proving challenging but I’ve joined a social cycling group and along with the support of a few cycling friends I started my journey”.

Kristy has come a long way already in her journey. There have been frustrations, such as her first solo ride which lasted only 5 minutes after a gear malfunction. And there has been laughter including a unique soft grass park landing after she failed to unclip her foot fast enough. All the while, not only has she survived to tell the tale but her fighting spirit has shone through.

Kristy is enjoying every moment, looking forward to the big ride and raising money to support cancer!

If you’d like to support Kristy’s ride and campaign, feel free to donate here and follow us on Facebook to hear more about Kristy’s journey.