Injuries rates tracking down

Darlot and WFR working together to achieve an injury free workplace


Injury rates are on their way down...

WFR and Barrick Darlot have been working together since 2010 with the aim of promoting a healthy lifestyle and an injury free workplace. Barrick places great emphasis on ensuring the health and safety of its employees, utilising WFR’s services to facilitate this commitment.

Darlot have placed great emphasis on developing WFRs health and wellness program onsite to ensure injury rates decreased from previous years. Programs such as the Dynamic Back Care, Warm Up 4 Work, and health presentations are all used as preventative tools to develop a safe and healthier work force.

Data was captured from January 2010 and injuries have been trended downwards on a monthly basis. Examined were total injuries in comparison to soft tissue injuries, by specific body area, and the causes of soft tissue injuries across site. Analysing these results have aided in planning of the 2013/14 Healthy Lifestyle Program, with emphasis placed upon areas deemed to be higher risk. Initiative developed included running WFRs Healthy Driver Program and flexibility screening programs.

WFR and Barrick Darlot will continue to work together throughout 2013 with the aim of continuing the positive trend of declining injuries across site. Although the programs may change, the aim will remain the same, as Barrick say “every person going home safe and healthy everyday”.